ClayRoot Sustainable Development Foundation (CSDF) is a non-profit organization registered under Section 8 of Companies Act, Government of India. Since 2017, CSDF is engaged in action and impact-oriented research, on issues aligned to sustainable development goals (SDGs). We also provide technical and capacity building opportunities for self-help groups (SHGs), community-based institutions, micro-enterprises and network of producer groups, farmer producer organizations (FPO), co-operatives etc. in urban and rural areas. The focus of the work is on the betterment of society and environment to promote holistic growth by focusing on research and consulting in key areas such as forests and environment, energy, water, livelihoods and social space aligned to the sustainable development goals.  We have collaborated with various state government agencies and nodal agencies to deliver projects. Our team members have delivered projects for various national and global agencies.


We organize our research into seven thrust areas namely:

  1. Sustainable Business Solutions

  2. Ecosystems and Biodiversity

  3. Livelihoods and Micro-entrepreneurship

  4. People and Governance

  5. Water and Wetlands

  6. Renewable Energy

  7. Urban Sustainability and Climate Change


We adopt a four-pronged approach to create impact: Research, Training, Facilitation and Awareness.

We impart training, do facilitation & promotion for communities at the grassroots having dependence on natural resource base for sustainable lifestyle and livelihood opportunities. In addition, we create modules and campaigns for generating awareness amongst society on priority environmental and social issues.  We are always happy to collaborate and work closely with government agencies, communities, corporate entities and civil society aligned with our vision.