ClayRoot believes that green business strategies should be at the forefront of business - government - individuals looking to create an impact in the next decade. The solutions adhere to the global guidelines and standards listed by the Global Reporting Initiative. 


We work with a deep understanding of the partner needs and design strategies to fit the same. Our solutions are practical, innovative and inclusive. 


ClayRoot is a solutions company. We do not stop at the strategy, we offer cost effective green solutions with a true triple bottom line. Our answers to environmental challenges are sourced with support from rural markets across India. We ensure that the solution supports local livelihood.

ClayRoot implements green solutions that are long-term and work commercially. We prove the business case for green products and services.


ClayRoot uses smart analytics to highlight the impact of each of the projects. Our team of experts ensures that high quality and rich data is captured across various aspects of the solution we offer. The data is digitally captured from the field of operation.


Through our smart data analytics app, we ensure that the project is benefiting both, the partner and the rural market. We deliver the true triple bottom line.