One of the significant challenges facing us globally and the generations to come is the  rampant usage of plastic and its derivatives in everyday life. The plastic is carcinogenic in its various forms and creates an environmental imbalance that will be impossible to manage in the long run.

ClayRoot will work towards addressing this challenge through green products.



The ClayRoot Way is integrating the green solutions with sustainable rural livelihood opportunities. ClayRoot delves into understanding each of the challenges in depth and offering green solutions that can replace the use of plastic based substitutes.


The solutions will range from green ecoware to green packaging solutions.



ClayRoot strives to provide livelihoods to villages across India by creating a network of rural entrepreneurs engaged in manufacturing green products. This self sufficient network of entrepreneurs provides livelihood to the villagers by employing them in various capacities.

Moving forward, ClayRoot will work towards increasing its green products significantly.