Saura is an art form which has emerged from the tribal culture of the Sauras of India.  It is a form of wall mural painting, very similar to Warli folk art. The Sauras are one of the ancient tribes of India and they find a mention in the mythologies of Ramayana and Mahabharatha.

Saura tribes are quite secluded from the mainstream communities and are found in dense forests and hills away from the cities, in districts like  RayagadaGanjamGajapati and Koraput.  The art form tries to establish and convey the eternal bondage between man and the nature.  It is based on geometric shapes like triangle and circles and the characters are intertwined in an even pattern.

Presently, this form of art is now popular all around the world. Its diversity, detail and a rich style has made it increasing popularity in recent years. Like Warli and other art forms, it is finding its place on apparels like T-shirts, sarees, as well as décor pieces, greeting cards, stationery.

We have integrated this art form in our EcoKriti  initiative. We hope this will boost the awareness of this traditional art form and, at the same time provides enhanced livelihood opportunity to the artisans in the community. Currently our artisans cluster for Saura  paintings is based out of Raghurajpur in Odisha. With support from our patrons, we hope to reach the Saura communities in their heartland with  our upcoming initiatives.