ClayRoot works at deeply understanding the challenges around non sustainable products and practices. We work closely with governments, corporations and individuals to chalk down in detail the costs they incur on persisting with the usage of a non sustainable product.


Our team of experts then identifies green solutions that can address the challenges at a competitive price bracket. Our solutions are manufactured at scale across rural markets, where we have clusters and FPOs to support large scale innovation on the greening side. 


ClayRoot works at forming village based clusters and farmer producer organisations that can produce green products for a commercially viable market. We intervene to train,modify and standardize the locally available material to produce the best green alternative to pressing challenges. 

Our clusters and FPOs show a strong sense of ownership of the product, the quality of green produce is premium.. Our FPOs and clusters are working on ecowares, ecopackaging,ecotoys, ecofiber and a range of other green products directly linked to replacing existing non-renewable alternatives in the market.


For green products, the cost to creating a market is a significant cost. Even more so for clusters of rural entrepreneurs and artisans engaged in creating a solution. ClayRoot understands this thoroughly and innovates across the channels to make green solutions cost effective.

Our market linkages range from corporations facing an environmental challenge to government entities trying to figure our the best possible green alternatives. The solutions work at a scale that has been never seen before. Our green alternatives are here to stay and create a long term impact.


The best stories of improved lives are when there is an integration of the product and a sustainable channel. 

We do just that.